Welcome to SCP Games, the home of games made by me: Noah B. Wilson.
I am what you might call a retro-gamer who has always wanted to make video games, even when I was little and 'computer programming' just wasn't a career option yet. Now that anyone can program, I'm unleashing my imagination in a wide variety of games, giving retro games new styles, and even mixing game concepts together for some exciting mashups.
Oh, and all of my games are free. You do not have to pay for them.
Plus, all of my games are linked via SCP Coins: A universal currency that can be shared across all games no matter what. You can earn coins in one game, and then spend them to unlock features in aother game. Pretty neat if I do say so myself. So download them already, and get started. Collect those coins and compete to be the best!
SCP Arcade
The SCP Games Sampler is 12 games in 1! Send challenges to other SCP Gamers and complete for high scores. If you only download one SCP Game today, it needs to be this one!
Jobin The Penguin
Jobin The Penguin is a big adventure that mixes RPG and platformer styles! Help Jobin rescue is favorite toy from the aliens who stole it in this fantastic, colorful, sometimes very silly game!
Six Pack Man
In this Pac-Man / Bomberman / Gauntlet mega-mashup, play as either Boozer or Stubs in your quest to make enough money to buy a six-pack ... or maybe even a twelve-pack!
Waffle Time
In the underground world of breakfast, join The Waffler as he searches for all of the ingredients needed to supply the world with waffles. Jump through various mazes and battle the harsh Blipps, Boogers, and Buggers that want to spoil your breakfast.
Hambert's Dumb Adventure
The mega-sized flying hamster Hambert is free! Take control of the winged menace as he terrorizes the skies by accident. Shoot foolish planes, helicopters, and pirate ships with pellets, peanuts, fireballs, hammers, tacos, cupcakes, cats, and over 12 different weapons!
Shopping Cart Carnage
Ride along with the dizzy duo through tons and tons of expansive levels in search of more drinks for your cart! Boozer And Stubs don't care much for safety, so expect to be crashing all over Anarchy Island!
Erase Invaders
The mini robots are coming to erase Dr. Moorhead's computer files! Defend Dr. Moorhead's precious files with your Computer Cannon against an onslaught off tiny robots! Will they ever end? It is going to be a long night.
Bunny Blocks
The Viking Bunnies are all mixed up in their search for treasure in this addicting puzzle game. Match Steve, Lars, Thora, and Captain Fuzzy while trying to bring treasure chests, bananas, SCP Coins, and more down to the bottom of the screen.
Kitten Juggling
Play the addicting game that all the kittens are talking about (seriously, they are)! Toss kittens into the air and try to see how many you can juggle for massive points and major multipliers! How many kittens are you able to juggle?
Cannibal! The Musical: The Game
Based upon the cult classic 1993 film Cannibal! The Musical, prepare for a delicious adventure as you join Packer, Swan, Noon, Bell, Humphrey, and Miller on their ill-fated trip into the cursed Rocky Mountains.
Brick Doubt
In this mash-up of classic arcade games, use a ball to smash bricks as they advance downward. Score massive combos and use power-ups like Bombs, Light Sticks, the Fire Ball, and the Blue Ball to smash those bricks to pieces.

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